We are proud to announce our new fly fishing destination, Golden Dorado River Cruiser, presenting a unique operation that will blow your mind away and will change the way you pictured having a holiday and/or Golden Dorado fishing!!

As from October 2016, you can be part of this amazing adventure of lodging at our Mother Ship strategically moving up or down the Parana River system targeting the best Golden Dorado fishing while enjoying the friendly and professional first class attention we are knownof.

Golden Dorado are, unarguably, among the finest game fish on the planet. Their striking beauty mixed with their strong, aggressive and acrobatic behavior make Dorado one of the best fly fishing species the world has to offer.

Combine that with world class lodging provided by a full service Mother Ship, with guaranteed mobility to some of the hottest and most remote fishing spots in the Parana River system, gourmet meals served with some of the finest wines of Argentina, top notch hardcore guides, and you have yourself some of the best fishing trips for Golden Dorado money can buy.

Come experience Golden Dorado River Cruiser, the utmost angling experience in the most exclusive set up.


In order to understand the marked advantages of our program lodging at a moving Mother Ship rather than at a static cottage, you need to understand the geography of the amazing Paraná River.

The Paraná River is born in the south of Brazil and, on its way south, as it enters Argentina it receives water from several smaller rivers and tributaries, finishing at La Plata River near the city of Buenos Aires, forming one of the largest deltas in the world.

This large river system is the second biggest in South America, after the Amazon, with a total length of over 1500 miles.

Several small towns and cities are settled by this huge and complex river system, and as it is normally the case, the further away you are from civilization, the higher your chances of experiencing the best sights and fishing.

Being ourselves many times visitors at several famous locations at Parana River in its different parts of Argentina, we have encountered, over the years that many factors could affect the fishing either improving it or ruining it, and with that idea in mind, location becomes a key factor in the success or failure of a trip.

If you can move up or down the river according to seasons, rains, droughts, weather conditions, arrival of bait fish, Dorado migrations, as well as many other important factors, you have the key to the best dorado fishing the Paraná River system has to offer, and you also have the key to a different type of vacation. Which is a lot to say?

Come on board the Golden Dorado River Cruiser and follow the currents to golden dreams.


Lodging is provided by a comfortable two engine Mother Ship which features 4 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each provided with A/C for added comfort.

Telephone, flat screen TV (with 300 films on a pen drive), and internet are available at the Cruiser, too.

Meals are prepared by our exclusive Chef and matched with distinguished and high-class wines of Argentina, personally selected by the owners, who take pride in this selection.

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser moves according to weather, fishing and also to provide a new outstanding location in each day of the trip, enjoying the Paraná scenery beauty to the fullest.

For added adventure and enjoyment, according to weather conditions, several lunches or dinners may be served at land with full comfort, at a special sand bar, a nice forest, or a lonely small island, depending where the river takes us.

In order to get to the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, a ground transfer and boat transfer is necessary and included.

Appetizers and cocktails are available before lunch and dinner.

Our fishing Guides:

Our seasoned first-class professional guide crew, sight fishing oriented and with as many seasons guiding with us, all of them English-Spanish speakers are ready to share with you their invaluable Dorado fly fishing expertise.


What is included?

-Round trip Transfers to/from Azhares del Parana Marine (next to Rosario City) to Mother Ship location.

-Sail by on a ship

-Fishing at Parana River and its tributaries/Fishing classes

-Use of motor boats and skiffs during fishing, two anglers and one guide per boat.

-Lodging at exclusive Golden Dorado River Cruiser, at double rooms with en suite bathrooms.

-All meals prepared by our Chef and sous chef.

-All drinks, such as great Argentinean wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails, whiskey, cognac, gin, Fernet Branca, Campari, Cinzano, Gancia, and others.

-Wireless Internet access.


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